Upbringing of A Young One

Children, as we know, are very energetic. Especially the ones with age 2 to 4 years. While this may be cute to see them playing around and having fun but it can turn into a situation that is entirely not comfortable for you when they decide to be full of energy be ready to manage all the mess they create.

When they start crawling it is very difficult to keep them restricted to one single place, you know what’s worse in it, it is that now they have gone through the age of being restricted to a cot, it is very hard to keep them contained.

This is a very alarming situation for the parents, but this is not unusual that children of this age mess around.

Some parents get worried about their children were behaving in such behavior.

Don’t worry. I have had this experience as well. And here I am writing this blog to let you all know of what has worked for me. Some of the steps I’ll mention under are the ones worth practicing.

Give time to your young ones:

It’s synched into our system. That all of us go to work and have a morning routine of, waking up, showering, breakfast and the leaving for the work. Likewise, it’s better to get a routine for your child at the early stages of his life. Because that is the time where they learn to know things and explore them.

Understanding the psychology of children is very important for the parents. Restricting them and being harsh to them may affect their developmental processing.


Creating a soft atmosphere

Creating a comfortable atmosphere for your children is very important, create such an environment which is suitable for your children. Your aim should be to light up the mood and make the room as welcoming as possible, so your toddler feels at home.

What you can do is play music, have the bed set up with their favorite blanket and have the cuddly toys they like.

This way, they will resist getting up as they would be at home and won’t want to leave the bed while you put them to sleep.

After they have slept another worry for the parents is to keep them safe, there is always a chance of your baby falling down the bed. This worry is tried to be minimized by the Babyseater’s bed rails which keep the children safe from falling off the bed. There is no entrapment space between the bed and bumper which ensures that your young one is safe and sound.


Offer a reward

Reinforcement is very essential for babies either it’s positive or negative. According to Psychology reinforcement and punishment are the two best techniques in building up behavior of your child. Rewards have worked for all mankind. And it will work for your child too.

Children move around to explore things because they always want someone to pay attention towards them when they do not find this happening they move around and does not stay at one place.

The best thing you can do for them is playing with them and give them attention.

But the thing here is you cannot give them the whole time you have to work along as well for this purpose Babyseater’s portable play yard holds very significance. With the help of this playpen, you can manage your baby, and the house holds at the same time.

Reinforcement can be done by letting them know that if they stay in bed till the morning, they will get their favorite toy, food or anything that they would be willing to get. This will reinforce them to stay in bed until you finish the other work.

But every baby has his own choices one thing may attract a baby but may not attract the other baby. Now what you have to do is find that “one thing.”

P.S I have found that stickers make my baby excited. And that is how I keep him restricted in one place so he may not hurt himself.

Don’t Fall Into the Trap

Your toddlers are very smart. They know that if they don’t stay in bed and will move around and make a mess they will get extra attention, they will continue doing it.

The best way to deal with this thing is to avoid them and tuck them back in bed and leave, this ignorance will be a kind of punishment for them, and they will never make you fall prey again. The more attention you will give them, the more trouble they will cause. So the best choice you have is to not engage with them.


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