Comfortable Toddler Bed Rail Non Slip

Comfortable Toddler Bed Rail Non Slip

Secure and Stable:

The grip of the surface of the foam keeps it in place on any standard size bed. And also allows free movement because of their susceptibility. They suit most of the beds because of their unique form.

No Assembly:

The foam wedges are placed under the bedding in a few seconds. They are so easily placed on the bed, and it also makes your bed look more unique.

Stays Clean underneath your mattress pad:

You do not need any kind of cover to wash these bed rails. It stays neat and clean under your mattress pad.


All the products of Babyseater are child-friendly so is these bed rails. Bed rails keep the children safe from falling off the bed. There is no entrapment space between the bed and bumper which ensures that your young one is safe and sound.

Water-resistant and washable covers:

Our bed rails come along with specially designed covers which are hydrophobic and that property protects the water entering the foam rails.


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Naturally, there are certain innate instincts in each and every individual. The newborn has some of these instincts very active as compared with other instincts. One of the progressive instincts of the babies is the responsive instinct.

Bed rail bumper subconsciously triggers the responsive instinct, which trains them to sense the edge of the bed. Every child soon or later sleeps in his own room, initially, they might rely too much on the safety, as he has been pampered throughout.

Mothers are always worried about their babies been slipped down the bed, especially when your child is an active sleeper who likes to roll around and change positions while sleeping. Kids can not tell that they are at the edge of the bed when they start sleeping on a mattress, but our bed rail helps to trigger a natural response in them that will keep them from falling off.

The foam used in bed rails is made from nontoxic materials and sits at the perfect height and keeps your children from falling off the bed without making them uncomfortable.

Babyseater provides you with the best bed rails available globally. Our bed rail bumpers allow your young ones to stay comfortable and switch their positions as they are so prone to do. These bed rails can fit onto any bed.

Our bed rail installs in seconds so that your little one can lay down for their nap or to sleep for the night right away. The sheet comes off easily and is simple to wash.


Providing safety and protecting your children is your priority, but comforting them and making it easy for them is our specialty.