Road Trip Play Tray For Kids With Dry Erase Top

Road Trip Play Tray For Kids With Dry Erase Top

Your travel partner:

Travelling is an excursion in which you could enjoy freely but travelling with children is the other way around. Yes! Travelling with kids instead of providing a break from dull routine and providing the parents with peace becomes a headache for them.

Play tray with its exciting features facilitates you to manage all those tensions and enjoy your journey with your kids.

Let the fun begins:

It’s not very often that you find a kid who is thrilled about a 5-hour car ride. But with our waterproof car seat travel tray, you can have your kids occupied, and they can enjoy the journey by reading, eating, playing with toys, and doodling on the built-in dry erase board!

Color your heart out:

Everyone loves to color! But the problem is that it requires so many pages and charts to color on and carrying so much stuff in the car is also a problem.  That’s why we have designed our child car seat tray in such a way that it comes with a dry erase board. Moreover, we also give some dry erase markers, so your little ones can color as much as their hearts desire, without running out of paper!

Eliminates the mess:

Families with young ones know that fun means mess. But our travel car seat tray is here to help you in keeping your car clean and tidy. With its tall sides, things do not roll off the car seat lap tray. Mesh pockets serves as storage for favorite trinkets, and a special wet wipes pocket ensures quick and easy cleanup.

Smiles guaranteed:

Your whole family will be pleased from your very first road trip with the BabySeater snack tray! This is such a useful product that you can never deny to compliment this color tray.

Superior quality:

Our all products are made with the highest quality materials available, and this toddler table tray is not an exception. This tray is manufactured with waterproof polyester fabric. We assure that walls won’t torn or fall apart, unlike other brands. It’s lightweight, extra sturdy, durable, foldable and easy to assemble within minutes


It is a multifunctional design especially designed for our kids. Travel play tray makes it ideal for eating snacks, play with Lego pieces, dolls, building blocks, etc. And even it allows the kids to do homework in the car, train, plane, restaurant, or camping. The erasable surface makes it easier for your kid to enjoy drawing and it also enhances their creativity and imagination.


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Our kids travel tray is perfect for keeping your children entertained on long or short trips. They can rejoice in their selves by drawing, coloring, having snacks, reading books, playing with their toys and other activities. Parents do not have to look around for the things their kids need. That’s how it keeps the driving distractions to a minimum. Everything is at your child’s reach now.

Durable materials and quality construction make our travel tray tough enough to withstand the rigorous day to day routines of kids.

Kids often have a hard time sitting still for too long without something to occupy their big minds and little hands. With the Children’s Snack and Play Travel Tray, you can keep your little one occupied for long periods of time while traveling or while at home.

The Children’s Snack and Play Travel Tray is an ultra-durable travel tray for kids that allows your children to keep themselves entertained for hours on end. Featuring a reinforced material, the travel lap tray can be strapped onto your child’s buggy, push chair, car seat, high chair and more using the strong buckling mechanism.

It is characterized by:

  • Extra layer of clear plastic which allow kids to color over the plastic instead of coloring on paper.
  • Custom wet wipe pocket.
  • Snack tray for extra convenience.

Babyseater keeps on facilitating you with the best baby products, and this is also another amazing baby product. Are you one of those who has a trouble while traveling with kids and always thinking of how to keep your children engaged? Well! This tray answers you the best with its astonishing features.

So look no more and get this amazing tray for your kids and make your life more exciting.