Bag Refills for Carseat protector with Garbage Can

Bag Refills for Carseat protector with Garbage Can

Managejumble with ease:

The Babyseater keep on wondering you with its wonderful products and this product is also one of them.As you all know that we have added a garbage can to the bottom of our most of the products, which allows you to toss empty cups, fast food wrappers, tissues and other mess. This liner lines up the inner surface of that garbage liner and ensures that the mess does not grime the car.


High-quality material i.e.durable HDPE recyclable material makes sure that nothing spills and bag remain intact. It is used with such high-quality material that it prevents from any kind of leakage.

Ready to use:

High-quality Liner Refill custom made for the Babyseater car protector trash can. It comes in 30 pack roll Liners – 8 Gallons which is very easy to detach and can be used immediately.

SKU: X6-7INK-OG56.

The Babyseater keeps on wondering you all with its amazing items one after the other. This waterproof Liner is also one of them, it is the perfect solution to protect your car products especially the car seats from stains and any kind of damage. This liner will keep crumbs, liquids, diaper leakage and more away from the car seat, so you can easily clean up messes by putting all of them in the garbage can which has this lining in it. Designed to work in all Babyseater car garbage cans but will work in other leading brands as well.