Large Play & Learn Jungle Gym – Baby Kick Piano Mat

Large Play & Learn Jungle Gym – Baby Kick Piano Mat

DELUXE PLAY MAT – Keep your baby enchanted for hours with the BabySeater play

gym! Equipped with a kick piano, rotating starry mobile with 4 detachable toys, and

a star projector, and ready to play lullabies, festive songs, nature sounds, and animal

noises, too! Plus, it comes with a super soft BONUS pillow for added comfort!

LEARN WHILE PLAYING – When your baby interacts with the play gym, she’s

learning! The light-up baby mat develops fine and gross motor skills, as well as

cognitive abilities. The dancing lights and lovely lullabies capture your baby’s

attention while maturing his sense of sight and sound!

SET UP IN A SNAP – Every moment is precious when you have a baby. That’s why

BabySeater infant baby toys are designed to be set up in a jiffy! Set up or take down

the piano tummy time mat in seconds, so you have more time to focus on making


SAFETY FIRST – We know how important your baby’s safety is. That’s why the

38×24” play mats for toddlers is made with premium, BPA-free maters. Plus, it’s

built sturdily to prevent any mishaps with your little one.


OUR PROMISE – We hope your baby loves the baby kicking piano mat! To ensure

your baby continues to learn and grow with it, it's covered by a lifetime warranty! If

you’re not satisfied with the kick and play piano mat, just let us know. We’ll do what it takes to remedy the problem.

BabySeater’s Infant Piano Mat

Pick the gym play mat that helps your baby play, grow, and learn! Watch as she goes

from waving her arms and stomping her feet to grasping toys and pressing buttons.

Listen as she learns words and sounds from the 3-mode piano. With a little help

from BabySeater, your baby discovers herself and the world around her.

Fantastic and Fun Features

The kick piano can be played by his feet or hands, so he can sit or lay to play! The

other music buttons are big enough for his little hands to easily press. The soft

pillow keeps him comfy as he wonders at the projected stars. And to save power, the

play mat kick gym automatically goes into sleep mode after 3 minutes of rest!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Light Projector

Improve your baby’s sight and focus when you turn on the starry projector! With 3

different projection modes, you can choose the one your baby likes the best. Have

the playing mat for baby boy or girl sing one of 8 songs as your baby stargazes.  

The Toy that Teaches

With BabySeater, you get nothing but the best. Give your baby the toy she needs to

learn about movement, language, sight, and sound. Learning is interactive fun with

BabySeater’s jungle playmat!


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